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SiteKnight specialises in providing local video search marketing assets, optimised for targeted demographic mobile local search results. We provide an optimised geo-targeted collaborative platform for local businesses in the UK.

Enabling those who join us, to passively compete online for local mobile search results. Leading those searching for competitively ranked local alternatives to Amazon, Argos and National Brand Online Retailers. There is real strength in numbers!

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Why SiteKnight?

Competing alone, or relying on passing trade, is at best, hopeful. Competing together, providing great value, local alternatives to the online retail giants, gives the mobile search user a convenient, local option. Oftentimes, at a lower price than the likes of Amazon and Argos.

It is just, the customers are not aware such a cheaper local alternative exists. The SiteKnight platform collectively offers those alternatives by promoting local search marketing results.

Westvale Bakery


Carl's Crazy Paving


Crewe Art & Craft

Art & Craft

Don't Fret Guitars


Barry's Barber's


Handy Man 4 U


High Street Coffee House


Faye's Fashion


Craftmaster Interiors


SiteKnight - A Platform Embracing High Street Diversity

Latest News

In 2019 we are in the North West of England looking to promote local businesses in Merseyside. We will eventually get to see everyone, in the meantime, you are welcome to get in touch to find out more.

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We like to talk about the platform and the businesses. Discussions you might find interesting and get involved with.

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SiteKnight works hard to provide a successful platform to collaboratively promote local businesses for mobile search. It is important to communicate with us if things change, or new tempting offers are unveiled. We are always happy to hear from our partners.

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